From nervous nelly to chillaxin' Max! Do you dread holiday fireworks, the unexpected ringing of the doorbell, the aunnal trip to the vet, seperation anxiety and thunderstorms?
More Importantly, does your dog?
Occasional canine anxiety causes stress on the whole family, but Maxin' Relaxin' Rover can rescue even the most skittish of scooters.
With 2 Billion CFUs per serving and naturally ocurring CBD, Maxin' Relaxin' Rover is formulated with a propriety blendof natural calming ingredients and probiotics that help promote immune function and a healthy metabolism. 

A Pot Roast-flavored proprietary blend of natural calming ingredients, including Broad Spectrum Hemp, and probiotics to help promote digestion, immune function and a healthy metabolism 



1.) 2 calming ingredients: Hemp with naturally occurring CBD and L-Tryptophan to reduce environmental stressors and anxiety.

2.)  Naturally occurring CBD and other Phytocannabinoids to help maintain emotional balance.

3.) Prebiotics + Probiotics to support a healthy immune system.

Water Soluable Hemp powder with naturally occuring CBD

(CBD) Maxin' Relaxin' Rover

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