Your First Little Puppy

Getting a puppy is going to be one of the most exciting times of your life. A puppy is going to breathe life into your life like nothing else can. A puppy is going to stand by you whenever you’re down, and a puppy will know exactly what to do to cheer you up and make you happy. It’ll be the most loyal thing to walk into your life, and it’ll definitely change it for the better. But for all the good they do, they do take some training in the beginning. Getting a puppy is actually hard work, so here’s how you can manage one in the first few months.

Basic Training

Basic training in the first few weeks is essential. Within the first few weeks, they’re adjusting to life in a home that they have never seen before, and will be far more anxious than you about the whole process. When you first bring your little pup home, they’ll have absolutely no training to fall back on. So, you’re going to have to start with toilet training. The best thing to do is buy the toilet mats that you’ll be able to find all over the internet. Place one of them by the back door, and every time you notice your dog going to the toilet, or about to go to the toilet, usher them to the mat. Clean it up always to make sure your house stays fresh. After around two weeks, start opening the back door and putting them outside. Then, after a few weeks they should learn to start barking at the back door to go to the toilet, rather than doing it anywhere else.

The second thing that all puppy owners have to struggle with is obedience on the lead. Puppies have absolutely none of that, and it can really stress owners out, especially in the beginning. One thing we do recommend buying is a glow in the dark dog collar. These are perfect for when the evenings go dark, and you’re forced to walk your dog with hardly any light. When they’re new and not the best trained off the lead, at least they’re a bit more visible. Websites such as will be able to provide you with a high quality version. To try and train them off the lead, you need to go to a place that’s small, one where if they do run off, it’s not going to be hard to find them, and it’s not near a main road. Encourage them back to the lead with treats. Treats are pretty much the way to a dog's heart, and after a few weeks of training, they should be coming back to you without question. If you’re struggling, you can always take them to a puppy training class.

Home Adjustments

In the beginning, you might want to make a few small adjustments to your home to make sure it’s not destroyed, as trust us, puppies like to chew. You might also want to put a stair gate on to stop them running around upstairs when you’re not there.

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