Taking your dog on a road trip with the rest of the family can be great fun. They will enjoy the ride, love experiencing new smells and meeting new people, most of the time. There can be things that they will not enjoy quite so much though, such as your care becoming too hot. You have to remember that they are wearing a fur coat and will warm up much quicker than you. You should encourage everyone to wear extra clothing if it is chilly so that you do not make your dog become overheated.

If the sun is blaring down, have the aircon on to keep the car cool, and always have at least a small gap in a window so there is always flow of fresh air. Be Wary Of The Dog Food Meaty dogs foods will go bad very quickly in the heat of a car and then they will make your dog ill. It is best to stick with dry foods while you are traveling, and then they can have a treat of some cooked meaty perhaps when you stop at one of your destinations. Whatever food you take for the journey, pack in sealed airtight containers and never leave it in a hot car overnight. Take it into your accommodation with you and put it in the fridge. Even dry dog foods will keep better because of this treatment. Offer Water Often A dog will dehydrate faster than a human and is they do not have enough water they are more prone to heatstroke. Be sure that they have a drink of water at least every couple of hours, more often if you can. You also need to be aware that they can tell the difference in the tastes of different waters and may not be to keen on ones that are different to the one they are used to at home. You can help with this by using a different, smaller water dish at home for a few days and taking that on the Roadtrip with you. At least then the dish will be familiar to them and they are more likely to drink the water from it. The same applies to the tweed dog blanket they have at home. Let them lie on it in the car so that they have something else familiar with them.

Stretch Their Legs

When you have been driving for a few hours you and the family will want to stretch your legs. If that is how you feel your dog will be feeling it even more. They are used to running around more than humans do and having to sit for a long while do not really suit them. You may just wander around wherever you have stopped for a while, but make sure your dog has a decent walk.

Not only will this keep him happier, but he will also be more tired after the walk and will settle down for a nap.

Be Prepared For Motion Sickness

Some dogs suffer from motion sickness no matter how short or long the car journey is. Speak with your vet before starting the journey as they will be able to prescribe medication that can help. Also be prepared though with plenty of cleaning supplies such as wet wipes and bags, and clean up any accidents as soon as it is safe to stop the car to do so.

When you want to take your dog on a road trip with you it will all be fine as long as you are prepared, just as you need to be for anyone else that is going.

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