Stop That Itch: Helping Your Pooch Overcome Allergies

Dogs can get allergies just like humans, but unfortunately, because of their fur you cannot always see if they have developed a rash. The first sign is probably when they are constantly scratching because of an itch and by then the problem can be quite severe.

It may be that they develop digestive problems such as diarrhea. Whatever the symptoms are they are going to feel pretty miserable. Finding out what they are allergic to is not easy and it can take some time to be sure. Allergies happen because of an improper response by the immune system and that could be to something they have eaten, the washing powder you washed their blankets in or anything else they have come into contact with.

There are many medications on the market that can help your pooch stop itching, but because most of them contain drugs, a lot of dog owners do not like using them.

Frequent Bathing And Brushing

Every time you bath your dog you wash away any dead skin flakes which can reduce the risk of allergies developing by up to 84%.  Frequent bathing and brushing can be one of the best ways to help an itchy dog.

Many vets recommend a weekly bath but you need to be careful not to dry out their skin. Discuss the matter with your vet and find out which is the best shampoo for your type of dog.

Include Grain Free Foods In Their Diet

The best grain free dog food can help with dogs allergies, especially as so many of them are caused by intolerances to grains such as wheat. Most of them have added vitamins and nutrients so that although they are made from the freshest of ingredients, you can be certain they are getting everything they need in their diet. Grain free foods come in both dry and wet formulas, so your dog can have whichever they prefer.

Natural Allergy Remedies

There are several products on the market that can help with dog allergies, which are natural products, so you need not have any concerns about putting drugs into their system. As an example, colostrum plays an important part in developing the immune system of newborn babies and you can buy it in supplement form for your dog, and for any adults with allergies.

Another example is quercetin, which helps to manage inflammation and itching. The itching of an allergy is caused by histamines in the dog’s body, and quercetin turns the production of histamines off. The supplement works best if the dose is administered on an empty stomach and it is available in both pill and capsule form.

These natural products, and others such as sprouted seeds, help the immune system cope better and reduce the possibility of an allergy developing. If it does occur, they will reduce the amount of itching associated with them, and hopefully your dog will not suffer quite so much.

If you notice that your dog seems to be scratching a lot more than normal, give them a bath and then adjust their diet and give them the supplements. Then the allergy should disappear.

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