7 Tips For Frugally Owning A Furry Friend

Taking a frugal approach when you get a new pet is not always easy; those sparkly collars and accessories are often shouting from the pet store shelves. To help you take that frugal approach with your new furry friend, you need to check out these 7 tips.

Pet Rescue. So many people head out to local breeders looking for a new pup to add to their family and end up spending thousands of dollars just for a purebred. There are so many pets out there that are sat in shelters and being given up by people who cannot afford to keep them anymore or haven’t got the time for them, that it would be a shame to waste your cash on a dog any other way. Rescuing your new pup could mean you make a donation to the rescue center, but that donation is going to be significantly smaller than what you would pay for a purebred dog and worth every single cent. When you rescue a dog, you could be saving its life; there’s not a price you can put on that!

Generic Health care. When you think about flea and tick protection for your new dog, the brand names often pop into your mind. It’s natural, we do it with our own human medicines. The key to making money savings when it comes to the medication that you need to keep your dog well, is to look for the main ingredient of the brand name item and find the generic version. The amount of money you will save can be staggering, and it means your dog is well-protected without you being too far out of pocket.

Vet Hunt. Looking for a vet with the right price tag is not always easy, especially if the vet themselves is fantastic at what they do. You want to find the right care for the right price and that means not compromising on quality. Do your research on any issues that may come up with your dog and get knowledgeable on what procedures may be needed. This way, if you get stung by a vet aggressively pushing tests and procedures, you will know whether this is to do with the money or in the best interests of your pet.

Insurance. Pet insurance isn’t always expensive, especially if you shop around and know exactly what it is that you want. It may not be worth buying a full coverage insurance for your pet, especially if there’s a chance that you won’t get all the benefits that have been promised. Ensuring that you read the fine print is how you can get your pet insurance low.

Hygiene & Feeding. You won’t need to take your dog to the groomers if you teach yourself how to clip their nails and you use a large outdoor metal bath to get them washed once a week. The more that you can do to keep your dog groomed and healthy the better. They need to be eating food that is nontoxic, and you should check out www.thefetchingbarker.com for the best treats for your dog. Walking your dog regularly and feeding them a balanced diet is going to be the best thing that you can do for them, and walks are free which fits your frugal way of living.

Boarding. Sometimes, you need to get away from it all and there are going to be times where you cannot take your dog with you. Boarding can be pricey, and this doesn’t always fit in with your budget. The best solution here is asking your friends and family to take your pet in for the time you are away. It’s harder to ask for a favor if you have an anxious dog or one who isn’t house trained. You could have someone sit at your home, but if you make friends with local walkers when you are on your usual route, you could build up a network of pet caregivers who could be there for you when you need.

Supplies. Pets sometimes need things outside of their food, health care and all the love that you can lavish on them. Puppy pads for the training puppy, a bed or two for the house, bowls for food and water and leashes can all be bought in bulk online and you can you can shop around to get the best deals for bulk buying supplies.

Living frugally shouldn’t stop you from owning a pet, and while it’s not the cheapest thing that you can do, the pros of owning a pet far outweigh the cons of doing so. Your pet is going to give you back far more in loyalty and love than you can give them in medium range food and an easy leash. Where you can, search for freebies and you could even offer to blog for pet-related companies in return for free items or food. Don’t be put off from owning a pet just because you live on the smallest possible budget; a pet can bring so much to your life!

The Fetching Barker is a small family owned business operated by solo parent Emma and her son Milo, and inspired by their rescue doodle Zeppelin. More info on the family is below.

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